You might not have looked at your privacy policy improvement for a while! When GDPR came into force in 2018 UK companies made an avid attempt to launch their privacy policy on their website and within their workplace.  This was done by UK firms to meet legislation requirements and demonstrate a sense of willingness to the ICO (information commissioner’s office) as proof that their company was committed to the protection of data especially in terms of the customer.

As we approach 2021 and with Brexit now in sight, it is time to review your company privacy policy improvement for the following reasons:

  1. Privacy in the form of Brexit - When Brexit completes on the 31st December, all information related to “organisations in the UK that process personal data relating to EU citizens may be subject to dual regulation under both UK and EU data protection law” according to Brodies LLP. This means that companies will need to explain how they manage information outside of the UK.
  2. Our knowledge and experience in privacy policy improvement is growing – When GDPR came into force over two years ago it was a very alien experience to many businesses. Companies suddenly had to make changes and evaluate how they used and stored data or faced a fine. Initially many thought it was a lot of fuss about nothing but as time has passed, it has encouraged companies to work more ethically in terms of data and put the focus of protecting customer information at the forefront of their business. This means that with more knowledge within data protection, companies can now put more emphasis on detail and understanding into their privacy policy. Furthermore, customers value how their data is handled and stored more than ever before, if businesses get this right it can be a positive selling point against competitors.
  3. Privacy Policy improvement and what it means to employees – Asking employees to read the company privacy policy is a positive process. By offering them the opportunity to have input on aspects or points that should be included in the final document, will give them ownership on privacy and encourage them to consider how privacy policy improvement should be managed when they are handling data in daily duties.

For more information on improving your company privacy policy to evaluate areas under a GDPR data protection insurance review, please speak to our team at Crendon Insurance. We support companies in exploring where data vulnerabilities could lie within processes and systems, plus how to access and store data to help them eliminate sources through GDPR data protection insurance.

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