When lockdown began earlier this year, schools, colleges and universities across the country rapidly turned to alternative teaching methods as useful tools including online creative work to help them deliver lessons and keep students engaged in learning.
The outcome of this new type of learning is recognising the need for more web-based systems which are comprehensive in both teaching students and reporting data back to education departments on individual student development; data for which could prove to be invaluable.
Amongst all of this, “In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, copyright licensing has become increasingly important across the education and creative industries” according to a recent article by Rebecca Deegan – Director of Policy & Public Affairs, British Copyright Council – Why copyright licensing is an important tool in our recovery from coronavirus

Online creative work needs to be protected with copyright

Creators of these works have an opportunity to generate an income, however, cannot do so if their work is not protected. Sadly, online piracy has rapidly increased since lockdown and with the creative industries accounting for 12% of UK exports, it is important that producers of online creative work are recognised, so that this area of the economy can benefit. The likes of google, YouTube and other social media platforms also play a responsibility in facilitating copyright infringement.
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