From the 10th September 2021, the UK government pledged to reshape UK data protection law through a new consultation process. With the consultation open until 19th November 2021, their aim is to create “An ambitious, pro-growth and innovation-friendly data protection regime, that underpins the trustworthy use of data”- according to a recent article by

The aim of the UK data protection law reform is too:

  • Strengthen the UK’s position as a science super-power
  • Build on how the basis of data has been used in tackling COVID19
  • Secure the UK as a global hub in how we use data both freely and responsibly
  • Build trade deals and data partnerships with other fast-growing economies
  • Educate businesses on how to manage data safely
  • Retain the ICO in its world leader role, as a responsible moderator of data

This is the first time that UK data protection law has been surveyed since the introduction of EU GDPR back in May 2018 – following Brexit, the UK now has the opportunity to manage its own Data Protection law. Through the new process it is anticipated that UK data protection law can be tailored more specifically to reflect how the UK uses data for business processes, whilst adhering to responsible practices and sustainable data partnerships.

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