In a new survey of the 100 top UK retailers conducted by eCommerce agency PushON. The agency found some disappointing news on how retailers are still reluctant to embrace retail digital technology.

Whilst the media continues to portray the suffering of the high street and the closure of well known retail brands who have failed to invest in their retail digital technology, it is obvious from the report that all retail sectors are still in the dark as to how they should rejuvenate themselves digitally.

The report outlined that 20% of retailers have not invested any finance into their digital strategy in the last year and of those who have, only 27% are progressing well with their future digital plans. In addition, only 26% of the retailers believed that a digital strategy using retail digital technology was a crucial aspect in the future survival of their retail business.

With so many retail digital technology options now available to companies, it is crucial that these well known brands look at new ways in developing their customer’s online shopping experience. In a recent article by Is it time for retailers to make websites look less boring?  They document that since the launch of Amazon’s e-commerce website 25 years ago, for too long the e-commerce experience has encompassed a flat grid like catalogue of products to buy.  So is it time for change even for online retail?

Without Retail Digital Technology well-known brands will be left behind

With the introduction of AI, internet of things and advanced video technology online retailers need to be more creative in how they sell and engage with customers.  By no means should retailers think ‘we’ve got a website and an app, so we’re done!’  Retailers need to be consciously aware that the next generation has been brought up with the internet since the day that they can remember.  They have immersed themselves with technology from a very young age by watching programmes and influencers and playing games.  They want interaction, they want everything immediately, they like to watch reviews and they want to be interested.  If these retailers sit back and don’t act in developing their retail digital technology strategy, then the next retail generation might not only see them off the high street, but off the internet as well.

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