Artificial intelligence is increasingly growing in adoption through a variety of AI digital applications. To support the evolution, intellectual property law is set to be updated by the UK Government over the coming months and will consider AI digital applications, through their National AI Strategy.

Through a recently considered court appeal, they have confirmed that they will formally consult on possible changes arising to UK patent and copyright law in respect of AI. By updating the Patents Act 1977, they will make it possible for those eligible to apply in the UK for a patent for an AI-generated invention.

To assess arising risks posed through copyright infringement of AI tools through the purpose of text or data mining, the IPO has stated that the new reform is aimed at ensuring, “the intellectual property systems support and incentivise AI generated innovation”, and that there is “transparency in the innovation process”. Following this, a new category in copyright law which focuses on copyright works created by AI machines rather than humans will be created.

Regulating AI digital applications

Additionally, there is also an investigation taking place, for the overhaul of regulating AI. It is anticipated that the UK will develop a ‘national position’ in terms of governing AI technologies and will assess potential risks and harms developed by the technology.

From a positive angle, the UK government are encouraging entrepreneurs to develop new methods of using AI digital applications. These will be prominent within social care and the health sector, for both the private and public sector. It is hoped that new AI digital applications could be introduced to stand up to national and global challenges, whilst also looking to achieving ‘net zero’ advances.

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