Since lockdown began in early 2020, rising startup businesses are emerging across the UK. Primary reasons for this development, have been due to rising levels in redundancy due to COVID company closures, whilst others have sought to find a new change in career; especially if they’ve felt stuck or trapped within their regular daily work.

With Brexit nearer now there is interest and excitement about ‘Buying British’ and ‘Selling British’.  In the UK we have great skills and are renowned for our quality. With the added benefit of innovative technology, a history of dedicated manufacturing and our keen interest in environmental sustainability, UK rising startup businesses are now on the cusp of something very exciting.

The break from work during the Christmas holidays can so often provide a time of reflection and a time to think about what people would like for the coming year. If becoming part of the ongoing trend in rising startup businesses seems like an exciting an opportunity to you.  Repurpose your existing skills or taking hobbies and interest to the next level, then here are some ideas to start exploring:

Rising startup businesses, things you should know

  1. Consider what you would like to sell – Is a range of products or services
  2. Research what is already out there on the market – Can you make yours better, what doesn’t the competition offer, and can you fill other expectations?
  3. Think of a company name – Look at other brand names, keep it simple, can you include a clue in the name as to what you might sell?
  4. Buy the domain name – Before registering your company, buy the domain name and register your social media accounts. Third party companies make money out of this process for twice the price after it’s registered!
  5. Start building your product or service – what does it look like, how does it reflect your brand, what will it cost?
  6. Think about promotion – how will you sell your product or service, what is your marketing strategy?

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