With many companies now settled into a flexible working routine and accordingly foreseeing this as their future working practice, protecting against office cyber crime is paramount.

Following the pandemic, flexible working has become the normal way of working for many UK businesses. With less pressure on travel arrangements, childcare and the high financial costs for renting office space, flexible working has provided many benefits to both businesses and employees.

The offset to all the above is good investment into healthy cyber security for businesses, so that office cyber crime can be minimised, and employees and company information is protected. So how can this be achieved?

Steps businesses can take to stay ahead of office cyber crime

There are several methods which businesses can implement to help to relieve the impact of office cyber crime, to minimise disruption and inevitably, loss of income. The focus is to assess the team’s day to day working practices for both in and away from the office and review the technology risks.

  1. Ensure all employees are cloud based – This means saving files to the cloud, rather than to the device. Not only will it secure files should a laptop break or be stollen, but it will also limit a third-party from obtaining access.
  2. Make sure that all devices are password protected – Use a password generator to create a password which includes capital letters and numbers and don’t choose anything obvious like the name of the company or a relative.
  3. Implement basic protection – Enable antivirus software which includes a firewall and regularly update devices to run the latest software version.
  4. Access files through a VPN – A VPN ‘Virtual Private Network’ provides a protected network connection which encrypts internet traffic and disguises your online identity. A VPN provides a higher level of security for company networks.
  5. Find a suitable IT network support through a third-party company – IT network support is their speciality which means that suppliers know exactly how to protect devices together with implementing the correct network to support your business. They offer knowledge and training for the best and most up-to-date security practices.

Finally, we suggest that companies obtain suitable office cyber crime security through cyber security insurance. Here at Crendon Insurance, our team provides this type of cover to many UK businesses, to ensure that their IT networks are protected. To find out more, please contact us or see our cyber attack insurance website information for more details.

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