Being self-employed or running a home business is an exciting opportunity and whilst you know your strengths and are confident in the product or service you offer, the legal side can often be a daunting challenge when it comes to self-employed insurance and home business insurance.

Unlike working as an employee, you don’t have a HR or law department to support you and so it is essential that you look at getting the right backing around you to guide yourself and the development of home business.

Being represented by the right insurance company, accountant and solicitor are just a few of the essential services to ensure that you run your business legitimately and ethically to the best of your knowledge.

At Crendon Insurance we take time to listen to your needs as an individual business owner, looking at options of insurance for self-employed and explaining the key features for having self-employed insurance, which will benefit your company against risk and liability.

If you are home based and looking for home business insurance, then we can assist in supporting your company and tailor the right policy to cover you against liability and risk.

What is self-employed insurance and home business insurance?

Depending on the nature of your business, self-employed insurance / home business insurance gives you the security in providing the financial protection you need when offering your product or services to your customers.  If you are ever found legally liable for the financial disruption, loss of earnings or physical injury to any of your customers or clients, you could face heavy legal costs and compensation awards.  By taking out your self-employed insurance / home business insurance you will have peace of mind in knowing that you have covered yourself and your business against any unforeseen eventualities.