Whilst we try to grapple in managing our daily lives around the pandemic, one industry sector which has seen phenomenal growth is online ordering. Shopping online is the safest method to order goods and for those people who are either self-isolating or shielding, ecommerce solutions have been a lifeline.

With a surge in uptake on retail online ordering through the likes of Amazon, eBay and Google Shopping, unlike ever before online retailers are really beginning to define themselves on the e-commerce stage. Subsequently, the shipping industry has seen a surge in growth and demand. Shipping and freight companies are looking to boost investments in shipping and warehousing, so that they may transport goods globally between countries where they may not have had a trading interest before the pandemic.

Amazon and Walmart are increasing significantly their volumes coming out of Asia to the U.S. People don’t go to the malls with the pandemic, but they buy on the internet,” says MR. SAADÉ SAID of CMA CGM (one of the biggest operators on trans-Pacific container lanes).

Major shipping is increasingly aligning their operations globally and with the introduction of new technologies, as discussed last month in our Crendon Insurance article ‘Technology is innovating transport systems, in light of COVID’, the hope is that they will gain greater transparency as to where containers are located and tighter schedules on the delivery of goods.

How to protect your online ordering retail shop

Is your online retail business operating through Amazon FBA or as an independent e-commerce seller through Google shopping? With the anticipation of more customers using online ordering for Christmas this year, here at Crendon Insurance we would like to let you know that we support online retail businesses with online retail insurance, Amazon FBA insurance, dropshipping insuranceinnovative technology insurance, plus much more. If you are preparing for distribution for Christmas 2020 or looking to protect your online ordering retail business for 2021 then we would love to hear from you. With a wealth of experience in the online retail market, we support companies in the storing and protection of stock, including warehousing and the transportation of goods through dropshipping from business to consumer.

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