According to recent research by GlobalData, shopping online in the UK is set to rise by 30.4% over the next four years with clothing and footwear taking the lead followed by the food and grocery sector.

The last ten years have demonstrated a historical turning point within retail as more customers generated a desire to buy online.  We ask what is inspiring the digital transformation and changing how we are shopping online as well as what retail businesses need to be particularly mindful of during the next decade.

Online spending is no longer a ‘bolt-on’ option for retail businesses.  To create a successful online shopping customer experience, businesses need to put their digital marketing plan at the very centre of retail sales.  Creating an engaging and positive customer experience which operates seamlessly will prevent customers from looking elsewhere and instead will meet their needs.

Creating a positive shopping online experience

  • Having a social media presence to share images of products, include lifestyle shots and offering customers ‘how to use’ information with links to ‘buy now’ will engage new and existing customers.
  • Email Marketing is integral to broadening brand awareness. The introduction of GDPR may have shook email marketing, however over recent months email marketing has proved yet again to be extremely successful. Sending email contacts information about new products and services, offers and competitions provides an opportunity for them to link back in with businesses by browsing their website with the potential to make a purchase.
  • Stores that offer same day / next day collection or FREE delivery work well as they give customers a choice.
  • With so much focus now on cyber security, providing an easy but secure checkout system gives customers peace of mind that their personal / bank details are safe and that they are dealing with a reputable retailer.
  • Considering sustainability is key. Recent media attention has brought global pollution to the forefront of our agenda and the awareness of our environmental impact has never been so prevalent. Using compostable or recycled packaging and offering choices where customers can trade old goods for new are just some of the ways in which retail businesses need to be more innovative and will encourage customers to return.

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