Manufacturing is rapidly evolving and over recent years we have seen SMART technology emerge to change the way in which manufacturers are not only building products, but how we use them as consumers.

The application of SMART technology has been implemented across many industry sectors to improve the assembly processes and with a UK government investment promise of 121 million GBP, the use of SMART technology within factory businesses is anticipated to grow much further.  Several aspects such as precise assembly, measuring weights and sizes, to the creation of products through 3D printing and Additive Manufacturing has enabled businesses to increase productivity, reduce costs, reduce human error, maximize time and also allowed companies to be consistent and efficient in their overall manufacturing process.

At end user and consumer level, increasingly manufacturers are looking at combining their products with IOT and AI technology to make them SMARTER and offer a new level of product engagement.  Inanimate products that were once only built for a single purpose are now offering new opportunities with users through the use of such technology. The ability to switch items on and off via an app from a different location, personalising products, capturing important data and streaming with other products and providers are just some of ways in which IOT and AI technology is being applied.

Protecting manufacturers who use SMART technology

Calling all manufacturers! We protect manufacturing businesses across the UK who use SMART technology with bespoke insurance policies to suit their business. From protecting design and development stages or  blueprints with Copyright & Intellectual Property Insurance to the cyber security of integrated AI and IOT technology or the construction of products using 3D printing / Additive manufacturing techniques and SMART assembly processes, Crendon insurance Ltd  protect businesses against many aspects of manufacturing liability. To find out more please contact our bespoke insurance team or find further reading on our insurance products & services website page.

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