Calling all startup business creators! Are you a budding entrepreneur brimming with innovation?

Do you have a new business idea but unsure as what insurance you need for your UK company?

For entrepreneurs starting out, knowing your product and how you want to market it can often seem quite clear; however, translating this into reality, then understanding and finding the right insurance in contrast, seems like a minefield. With a tight budget and not knowing which areas of the business essentially require cover or how much cover is required, can often lead to confusion over the legalities.

Crendon Insurance will identify the crucial exposures that are the key to your business’ survival and success.  Small businesses and especially startups, vary widely in their insurance needs, which is why our commercial policies are flexible and tailored to suit your own individual requirements.

In today’s market, the vast majority of businesses especially those in online retail, require an online presence in order to promote and sell their products and services. We provide a comprehensive portfolio of information for all commercial businesses in order that they may obtain the correct insurance cover. Our free online Media Centre provides a wealth of resources covering, Risk Management advice from regulatory Health & Safety in the workplace to effective social media marketing, giving you the tools to promote your business and encourage growth.

We will be clear about the types of startup business insurance you’ll need for your company.

Below we have listed some of the areas to be clear about when applying for startup business insurance in order that you can obtain the right insurance cover for your business.

  1. What product(s) / services are you selling?
  2. Where will you be selling your product (s) / services?
  3. Where are you selling your product(s) / services from?
  4. What is your anticipated annual turnover and will this make a difference?
  5. Are you selling online?
  6. Where will you store stock?
  7. How will your export / transport stock?
  8. Is there any implication in terms of data protection?
  9. Will you need cyber liability cover?
  10. Have you patented your design with Intellectual Property?

To secure your own business with reliable and comprehensive startup business insurance protection against the unknown, contact our startup business insurance specialists today.

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