With many people forced to make career changes due to the 2020 COVID pandemic, beginning a startup company and using online digital technology to create sales has become a viable option for many new over the last year.

With the likes of Amazon, Ebay, Vinted, Not On The High Street and Etsy all offering successful platforms and ready-made audiences for sellers to connect with customers, selling online has become far easier to gain exposure.

Startup Company Industry Success

According to Companies House, nearly half a million (468,371 startup companies) new UK businesses were registered in 2020. Some industries have seen great changes and made way for new entrepreneurs such as:

The Business & Service Industry – With remote home working increasing, computer support and CMS development has seen considerable growth as companies have required IT support to keep their employees safe from cybercrime and operate far more independently by through the use of their IT equipment.

Food & Restaurant Industry – With food establishments needing to reach a broader audience because of pandemic closure. Take away services and food delivery options have become even more popular and not just in the case of fast food. Takeaway and delivery options for Cocktails, Afternoon Tea and Sunday Lunch are just some of the new options that have emerged as viable businesses following the pandemic.

Fitness Industry – Whilst gyms were closed, online gym equipment sales went through the roof as fitness enthusiasts turned to home fitness workouts to carry out their routines. Yoga mats, kettle bells, light weights and trampolines completely sold out in some areas of the UK.

Technology Industry – As companies look towards technology to automate processes such as ordering online, reducing human man power in manufacture by replacing with robotics and looking more towards data led technology to improve production, companies across the UK are embracing new emerging digital technology.

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