Throughout the pandemic, Amazon has successfully grown further with a record 51%+ sales growth in the UK during 2020, according to

Further to this, there are now “15 million shoppers registered to Amazon Prime” and over the last decade, Amazon have been recognised as “the best company for customer service”.

How the growth of Amazon is developing

If you think they’ve achieved it all, then think again! Their ambition to drive sales further in their successful growth is surmounted by their next plans, which include:

  • The new opening of its first non-food store in the UK – The first of its kind outside of the US, the new Amazon store opened in the Bluewater Shopping Centre, Dartford. Selling products such as books, toys, electronics, and homeware. Online orders can also be collected from the store.


  • A new robotic research centre – The company has recently opened its first robotic research facility in Massachusetts, US. Since 2021, Amazon has used robotics within its stores and warehouses to pick and pack. The facility will help drive further innovation in integrating systems across its worldwide depots, whereby technologies are used by employees to fulfil customer orders.


  • Protection against defective products and counterfeit goods – Up until now online shops such as Amazon & eBay were not responsible for defective or counterfeit goods, instead putting the onus back to the third-party seller. That is now changing, as the UK intends to bring in new laws to protect consumers. This means that the likes of Amazon will now be able to compensate customers if their goods are faulty. Subsequently, Amazon now want all third-party sellers to hold Amazon FBA insurance as part of their requirements to sell goods through their website.

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