Historically, innovative businesses have sought to evolve transport systems to offer users improved solutions and pleasant environments when using public transport – from booking tickets to travelling from A to B, technology has played a major part in providing a comprehensive service which is constantly evolving.
However with COVID in the mix, this has now accelerated the research and development of new innovative transport systems
to create a better experience for users. The presence of COVID has made many travellers weary of crowds and embarking on tightly packed trains – something that only just earlier this year was still a familiar situation for many workers especially those who were commuters in and out of UK cities.

How transport systems will evolve post 2020

IOT and AI technology is now being trialled in many forms to improve user experience, these have included:
1.Touchless fever detection – Skin and facial temperature data can be recorded via AI which uses analytics. If an anomaly appears within historical data, then it can be flagged to investigate further.
2. Mask detection technology – to analyse who is wearing masks and who is not.
3. Thermal imaging – using video analytics to assess numbers of people in a single area, plus individual temperature of individuals.
4. Voice based ticket machines – these will avoid touch button systems where germs can be easily transferred.
5. Self-cleaning escalators – using ultra-violet light, handles will pass through a sensor to kill germs.
6. Flexible and staggered working hours – This will encourage less crowds forming in single areas.
Finally, what is certain, is that transport systems will need to be reviewed as a whole, rather than individual bus and train services. This means that commuters can be tracked, and crowd levels monitored throughout cities and within bottle neck areas, at certain times of the day.
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