Businesses face many challenges throughout a working day – meeting advertising schedules, dealing with supply chains and responding to customer demands, yet by outsourcing cyber security, it can be argued that at least one of those headaches may be relieved.

The challenges within cyber security are forever increasing and whilst it may seem tempting to save on costs and manage your own cyber security risks in the short-term, inevitably it can cost a company financially more in the long-run.

By outsourcing cyber security, businesses are rest assured that they are supported and operating in a safe IT environment. This also means that a company can relieve some of the responsibility from employees to free up extra time for other more pending daily tasks.

By outsourcing cyber security, companies can gain many benefits:

  1. IT systems are monitored 24/7
  2. Businesses are supported with experienced teams
  3. IT networks, hardware and software is regularly kept up to date
  4. Technical and time pressures on internal teams is reduced
  5. There isn’t sole reliance and responsibility placed on specific members of staff
  6. Independent cyber security risk assessment reviews are regularly carried out
  7. Extra levels of industry tested, and recommended products are introduced
  8. Cyber security awareness training is provided to employees
  9. Cyber Security companies are often accredited with ISO 27001 and Cyber Essentials Plus standards
  10. Response times to any occurrences are made with efficiency

Our team at Crendon Insurance help UK companies to risk assess their own cyber security requirements. Furthermore, we ensure that they have the right cover in place to protect IT systems, networks, and equipment – this helps businesses to mitigate risk, protect their brand and customer data whilst minimising long term damage. To find out how we can support your business further please get in touch or see our website for more details.

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