According to a recent report by GlobalData, the IOT market is set to reach a value of $75.3bn by 2025 with SMART appliances for the home such as TV’s, kettles, fridges and washing machines now make up a significant part of the automation industry. Virtual assistants such as Google and Alexia also seem to be the driving force behind the purchase of these types of SMART appliances, giving homeowners new ideas as to how they wish to manage their homes for the future.

Programming wash machines to complete a cycle before you arrive home from work, setting curtains to open and close whilst you are on holiday, scheduling your house alarm to set from a SMARTphone app whilst checking your CCTV or turning on the kettle so that the water is boiled for when you enter the kitchen, are just some of the ways in which homeowners now evaluate how they would like to live.

SMART appliances can protect the elderly and vulnerable

There are also other advantages for integrating homes with SMART appliances.  Local authorities and care sector departments are benefitting from SMART appliance integration. Healthcare and assisted living through SMART appliances can help to map the activities of an individual throughout their day-to-day life. Healthcare professionals can check if the elderly or the vulnerable have got out of bed or made a cup of tea by their day-to-day actions – if they notice an irregular pattern, then they can intervein quicker by putting in a call or visit to make sure that they are ok.

These methods of integrating with SMART appliances offer advantages to wardens who need to keep an eye on several individuals at one time, whilst allowing the people who they are caring for, to live independently.

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