Social Commerce is emerging as a key trend setter for the online retail sector. In a recent report by, 39% of shoppers aged between 18 and 35 will more likely buy a particular brand through a social media post, rather than buying directly online. So why is social commerce becoming so popular for online purchasing?

With more than half of the world now using social media, gauged at 58.4% in January 2022 by Smart Insights. And the largest users falling in the 18 to 35 category, it’s obvious as to why social commerce is becoming such a growing trend.

The benefits of Social Commerce

For those that don’t know what social commerce is, well it’s the process of selling a brand through a social media post.

  • Social commerce provides an alternative option to buyers as opposed to online retail as products are promoted to social users, rather than relying on them to visit websites.
  • Product post advertisements are individually tailored to suit certain demographics such as male / female, age range, location, and season.
  • Advertisements can show case products in unique and desirable settings.
  • Product posts display the price and a direct link to buy, thus eliminating the need to log into an account.
  • Product posts give consumers the freedom to discuss and share their own experiences of the product, both good and bad. This gives companies first hand feedback on how their product is performing within the consumer market.

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