In an exciting new era for technology, the UK government has recently announced its new AI plan for how it intends to unleash Artificial Intelligence over the coming years, with a focus on “we plan to make the UK a global centre for the development, commercialisation and adoption of responsible AI” for which the AI plan is due to be published later on this year.

Outlined by Digital Secretary Oliver Dowden in his Ten Tech Priorities document, the government’s new AI strategy aims to focus on:

  • Economy growth through AI technology.
  • Apply responsible AI to provide ethical, safe, and trustworthy development.
  • Emphasise on new skills, expand talent and R&D.

What the new AI plan means for the UK

With an anticipation to become European leaders in the field of Artificial Intelligence, the UK government is financing the greatest investment in this technology sector and over its European counterparts.  The new AI plan will offer major emphasis on economic growth and employment through investment in infrastructure, skills and innovation. The AI sector is hoped to establish itself within core sectors by bringing the very latest in AI innovation to industries such as science, finance, security and society.

This is a new and welcomed opportunity for the UK, at a time when un-employment levels are high following the COVID pandemic. One of the positive aspects about the UK is that as a country we have always sought to find new ways in which to apply digital technology for business and personal use.

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