With a simple assessment as to how IT digital devices are used within a business; a weak cyber security network can be eliminated. Secondly, approaching a cyber security specialist to review the business from an outside perspective can raise cyber issues that a business owner may not have thought of and give clear guidance as to how to protect against a weak cyber security situation.

Hackers will find any available loophole to attack and so it’s imperative that owners and managers regularly review their cyber processes, network, and devices. Starting at the doorway – the Wi-Fi setup is an ideal place to begin. Work from the Wi-Fi entry point through to the end point – the device, to review how cyber is being used and assess everything in between.

Eliminating weak cyber security

Wi-Fi Router – Is the router up to date? If it’s old, then it will need replacing with the latest up to date technology. Additionally change the default password originally provided with the original router device for added protection. Within the Wi-Fi settings check that there are separate networks running for customers and the business. An open network or free Wi-Fi can be used for customers, but not for your own business processes. Operating card machines and accessing bank accounts or ordering facilities and business emails should be accessed via its dedicated and protected network which is separate to that of the customer. If in doubt, contract a network IT cyber specialist to check that the system is running correctly.

Digital Devices – All digital devices can be protected by their own password. Ensure firewall protection software is installed and running up-to-date anti-virus software which regularly scans the device to check that there are no unwanted viruses or malware. For PC’s using Window’s, the automatic updates setting should be turned on to ensure that the latest windows protection is safeguarding the device.

Employee Knowledge – Training employees on how a network operates and the steps which they should take to treat cyber security responsibly is imperative. Business owners should not assume that their employees know how cyber security works. Start with the basic rules on reducing the risk of a weak cyber security threat to describe how the situation could occur. Ask employees where they think threats could happen and bring together an understanding as to how to approach cyber security with duty and care.

Cyber Security Insurance – By obtaining security insurance, businesses can risk assess where weak cyber security issues could occur and fix accordingly. Cyber security insurance by Crendon Insurance protects business networks, data handling and IT systems. To find out how to protect your business please get in touch or see our cyber attack insurance information for more details.

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