Often used by Online Retailers & Amazon FBA Merchants, drop shipping manages the process of taking the product direct from the manufacturer to the customer which means that during this process goods may not even come through UK port. LTD companies in the UK can use a Chinese manufacturer to drop ship direct to the fulfilment centre, such as Amazon in the USA without even seeing the product itself.

This basically means that the business owner doesn’t actually ever manage the product process. This can be advantageous for the business owner as very little of their time is required in the process and enables them to earn straight off the transaction, however this is not always great for the customer as sometimes goods received might not match what they have ordered or the delivery can take too long. In order to manage this effectively, business owners should use reputable manufacturers and efficient drop-shipping companies who together can create a streamlined approach.

Thinking of Setting Up A Drop Shipping Business?

Setting up a drop shipping business couldn’t be easier when starting out. Finding a reputable manufacturer and a fulfilment centre is all you need to get yourself started. Protecting the business with international shipping insurance  and imports insurance and will also assist companies to cover liability for the movement of good between third parties. International drop shipping insurance can be obtained through Crendon Insurance Ltd and can be applied to many product types, shipping and drop shipping processes.


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