January is always a good month for businesses of all shapes and sizes to take stock of their housekeeping and reviewing data is not adverse to this. Analysing what has worked successfully during the previous year and where improvements could be made throughout the year ahead enables companies to evolve and expand with the current times.

The recently celebrated Data Privacy Day on the 28th January 2020 meets this evaluating time very well. Marking a day for both public and private sector organisations to reflect on the data security within their industry by reviewing data and putting in place a data privacy action plan for the year ahead sets organisations off on the right foot.

Staff are often unaware of the risk they may pose to their employer and the duty they hold when handling data. This not only puts themselves in a vulnerable situation but also that of the customer and associates whom they are dealing with on a daily basis.  Encouraging staff to recognise their role when reviewing data, including how to treat information with respect is the first step in taking ownership of their responsibility.

Helping staff to understand that if the organisation should be subject to a data breach, that the fallout could be worth thousands if not millions of pounds to the company with the possibility of a closure, allows employees to understand the scale as to what they are dealing with.

Data Privacy Day puts reviewing data at the forefront of business housekeeping

Raising awareness, carrying out training activities along with holding brain-storm meetings to challenge employees’ thinking and system approaches around reviewing data and the threats faced from cyber-crime are just some of the ways in which the Data Privacy Day allows organisations to focus.

Subsequently, those companies that have improved data efficiency are now seeing added benefits in terms of return on sales, as increasingly customers wish to do business with companies who demonstrate a positive approach to how their data is handled.

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