NFT, what is it and how can we protect them?

Computer coding on a screen

NFT’s do not require any coding skills to create them – as identifiers of unique digital artwork they simply represent a set of digital files such as photos, videos and audio. Because of their authenticity, NFT’s provide proof of ownership but the legislation around them is still a grey area and does not necessarily grant copyright or intellectual property rights.

Copyright protection for NFT

As we know from the protection of other forms of creative work, copyright protects original and creative work, and this may also include the protection of NFTs. Copyright provides protection which is long lasting for more than 70 years. It has been established to protect designs and ownership, which in the case of NFTs they could be easily copied and shared, therefore devaluing them as a commodity. This means that purchasers should check their authenticity before purchasing to determine their copyright records.

Trademark protection for NFT

A trademark is established to protect a brand such as a word, name logo or symbol. When creators of NFT’s designs market their products, they must ensure that they trademark their own brand and that the NFTs they have created are sold under their trademark.

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