Commercial Insurance Profile – August 2020
Commercial Insurance Profile – July 2020
Commercial Insurance Profile May 2020
Employers’ Liability Considerations During the COVID-19 Pandemic
HSE Safety Cornerstones – July 2020
Infographic – Key Benefits of Return-to-Work Programmes
Infographic – What Product Liability Covers
Manufacturing Commercial Insurance Profile – Q3 2020
Post-coronavirus Office Checklist
Regulatory Update – Corporate Insolvency and Governance Act
Risk Insights – Commuting Post-coronavirus
Risk Insights – Deciding Who Should Work From Home During COVID-19
Risk Insights – Employers’ Liability Tracing Office (ELTO)
Risk Insights – Fostering Inclusivity in a Post-coronavirus Workplace
Risk Insights – Managing Employees Who Struggle to Work Remotely
Risk Insights – Managing the Mental Health of Returning Employees
Risk Insights – Preparing for a Second Wave of COVID-19 Cases
Risk Insights – Product Liability Claims
Risk Insights – Public Liability Insurance Scenarios
Risk Insights – Recruiting Post-coronavirus
Risk Insights_Employers’ Liability Considerations During the COVID-19 Pandemic
Risk Insights Updating Your Workplace Health and Safety Policy
Commercial Insurance Profile February 2020
Common Exposures for Financial Institutions
EL – National Minimum Wage and Living Wage Laws
EL- National Minimum Wage
HSE Safety Cornerstones February 2020
Infographic_ Directors and Officers Liability Insurance Claims Scenarios
Infographic_The 4 Most Commonly Underinsured Commercial Policies
Manufacturing CI Pro-File Q1 2020
News Brief-British Parliament Passes EU Withdrawal Agreement Bill
Regulatory Update_Changes to Off-payroll Tax Rules
Risk Insights- Navigating D&O Market Trends
Commercial Insurance Profile December 2019
Commercial Insurance Profile January 2020
Commercial Insurance Profile November 2019
HSE Safety Cornerstones December 2019
HSE Safety Cornerstones November 2019
Infographic-Key Features of PI Insurance
Manufacturing CI Pro-File Q4 2019
Regulatory Update- SMCR
Risk Insights- Navigating PI Cover in a Hardening Market
Risk Insights- The Benefits of Using an Insurance Broker
Risk Insights Updating Your Workplace Health and Safety Policy
HSE Safety Cornerstones October 2019
Commercial Insurance Profile October 2019
INFOGRAPHIC – Importance of Preparing for HSE Inspections
News Brief- Mercedes Benz Sprinter Thefts
News Brief- Driver CPC After Brexit
Manufacturing CI Pro-File Q2 2019-1
Commercial Insurance Profile June 2019
Commercial Insurance Profile July 2019
Commercial Insurance Profile August 2019
Commercial Insurance Profile September 2019-1
Cover Overview Life Insurance
HSE Safety Cornerstones June 2019
HSE Safety Cornerstones September 2019
Manufacturing CI Pro-File Q3 2019
News Brief DVLA Resolves Tachograph Incompatibility Issue
News Brief- Government Increases Ogden Rate
News Brief- Mercedes Benz Sprinter Thefts
Property Management Risk Insights First-tier Tribunal (Property Chamber)
Risk Insights – Insurance Solutions for Self-employed and Freelance Workers
Risk Insights Recruitment and Employment Agency Risk Management
Cover Overview Warranty and Indemnity Insurance
Commercial Insurance Profile May 2019
Commercial Insurance Profile April 2019
EL – National Minimum Wage and Living Wage Laws
EL- National Minimum Wage
HSE Safety Cornerstones April 2019
HSE Safety Cornerstones May 2019
Manufacturing Risk Insights Preventing Countefeit Components
News Brief – Spring Statement 2019 Highlights
Property Management Risk Insights- Guaranteed Rent Schemes
Property Management Risk Insights HMO Risk Management
Regulatory Update- Tenant Act Bans Unfair Letting Fees
Commercial Insurance Profile February 2019
Commercial Insurance Profile March 2019
EL- National Minimum Wage
HSE Safety Cornerstones February 2019
HSE Safety Cornerstones March 2019
Manufacturing CI Pro-File Q1 2019
News Brief – Driving in the EU After Brexit
News Brief – How to Prepare for the Day After a ‘No-deal’ Brexit
News Brief – Making Tax Digital
News Brief – These HGVs Msut Take Annual Test for the First Time
Property Management Risk Insights – Section 20 Compliance
Risk Insights Choosing Public-Product Limits
Commercial Insurance Profile December 2018
HSE Health and Safety Statistics 2017-18 Overview
HSE Safety Cornerstones Dec 2018
Changes to Mandatory HMO Licensing
Commercial Insurance Profile November 2018
Commercial Insurance Profile October 2018
Cover Overview Commercial Legal Expenses Insurance
HSE Safety Cornerstones Nov 2018
HSE Safety Cornerstones Oct 2018
Manufacturing CI Pro-File Q4 2018
News Brief – Government Urges UK Hauliers to Prepare for a ‘No-deal’ Brexit
News Brief – Summarising the 2018 Budget
Property Management Risk Insights Managing the Risks in Your Holiday Home Let
Risk Insights – Health and Well-being for Self-employed and Freelance Workers
Warehousing Industry Services Overview
Commercial Insurance Profile September 2018
HSE Safety Cornerstones September 2018
Property Management Risk Insights Managing Blocks of Flats in Autumn Winter
News Brief – Government Releases Guidance for Possible No Deal Brexit
Commercial Insurance Profile September 2018
Manufacturing Risk Insights Food Product Recall Guidance
Commercial Insurance Profile August 2018
HSE Safety Cornerstones August 2018
Manufacturing CI Pro-File Q3 2018
Property Management Risk Insights Managing Blocks of Flats
Commercial Insurance Profile July 2018
HSE Safety Cornerstones July 2018
Safety Focused Newsletter July 2018
Commercial Insurance Profile May 2018
HSE Safety Cornerstones May 2018
Manufacturing CI Pro-File Q2 2018
News Brief – Cleanest Lorries to Pay Less to Use UK Roads in 2019
Benefits of Stock Throughput Insurance
Commercial Insurance Profile June 2018
HSE Safety Cornerstones June 2018
Commercial Insurance Profile April 2018
HSE Safety Cornerstones April 2018
News Brief – Spring Statement 2018 Highlights
Commercial Insurance Profile March 2018
HR Brief Q1 2018
HSE Safety Cornerstones March 2018
News Brief – Lorry, Coach and Bus Drivers Face Steeper Fines
Do You Need GAP Insurance
Commercial Insurance Profile February 2018
HSE Safety Cornerstones February 2018
Manufacturing CI Pro-File Q1 2018
Commercial Insurance Profile January 2018
HSE Safety Cornerstones January 2018
Commercial Insurance Pro-File December 2017
Gas Safety’s Most Dangerous Day – Christmas
HR Brief Q4 2017
HSE Health and Safety Statistics 2016 17
HSE Safety Cornerstones December 2017
News Brief – Autumn Budget 2017 Highlights
Risk Insights Advantages of Employee Benefits Schemes
Criminal Finances Act
Commercial Insurance Pro-File November 2017
Directors and Officers Liability Scorecard
HSE Safety Cornerstones November 2017
Manufacturing CI Pro-File Q4 2017
News Brief – Certain HGVs Lose Testing Exemption Starting May 2018
Don’t Scrimp on Car Insurance
Risk Insights Choosing Levels of PII for Solicitors
HSE Safety Cornerstones October 2017
Property Management Risk Insights Commercial Property Landlord Liabilities
Commercial Insurance Pro-File October 2017
Commercial Insurance Pro-File September 2017
HSE Safety Cornerstones September 2017
Infographic – 6 Considerations When Choosing EL Limits
Infographic – Why Use Social Media
Risk Insights Preparing for the Redesigned Currency
Business Continuity Services Overview
Commercial Insurance Pro-File August 2017
HSE Safety Cornerstones August 2017
Management Liabilities Services Overview
Commercial Insurance Pro-File July 2017
Grenfell Tower Highlights Need for Fire Risk Assessments
HSE Safety Cornerstones July 2017
Risk Management Services Overview
Safety Culture Services Overview
SME Services Overview
An Update on Higher Health and Safety Fines After One Year
Commercial Insurance Pro-File June 2017
HSE Safety Cornerstones June 2017
News Brief – Aftermath of WannaCry Ransomware Yet to Be Seen
News Brief – IPT Increases 1st June
Commercial Insurance Pro-File May 2017
HSE Safety Cornerstones May 2017
Manufacturing CI Pro-File Q2 2017
Commercial Insurance Pro-File April 2017
EL – National Minimum Wage and Living Wage Laws
Flood Re ExplainedInsurance
HSE Safety Cornerstones April 2017
Motor Trade CI Pro-File Q2 2017s
New Personal Lines Disclosure Rules
News Brief – Government Adopts Negative Discount Rate
News Brief – Penalties Double for Using a Mobile Phone While Driving
News Brief – What Article 50 Means for Businesses
Risk Insights Choosing the Right Alarm System
Liability Cover
Safety Focused Newsletter April 2017
The Employer Apprenticeship Levy
The Immigration Skills Charge
Commercial Insurance Pro-File February 2017
HSE Safety Cornerstones February 2017
Manufacturing CI Pro-File Q1 2017
News Brief – Supreme Court Rules in Favour of Disabled Passengers
Risk Insights Managing Electromagnetic Fields at Work
Commercial Insurance Pro-File January 2017
HSE Health and Safety Statistics 2015 16
HSE Safety Cornerstones January 2017
Risk Insights Using Unrated Insurers
Safety Focused Newsletter January 2017
Solicitors Professional Indemnity Insurance
Four Components of Risk Management
Exhibitor Insurance
Credit Insurance
Cover Overview Fire and Perils
News Brief – 2016 Autumn Statement Highlights
Manufacturing CI Quarter 4 2016

Manufacturing Risk Insights Welding Fume

High Court Rules Parliament Must Vote on Brexit
HSE Safety Cornerstones November 2016
Uber Drivers Win Employment Law Case
Commercial Insurance Pro-File November 2016
Commercial Insurance Pro-File October 2016
HSE Safety Cornerstones October 2016
Marketing Tips for Tradespeople
Insurance Premium Tax Hike Effective 1st October
Commercial Insurance Pro-File September 2016
E-cigarettes in the Workplace
EL – Zero Hours Contracts
HSE Safety Cornerstones September 2016
Safety Focused Newsletter September 2016
Commercial Insurance Pro-File August 2016
Home Matters Are You Prepared for A Flood
HSE Safety Cornerstones August 2016
Manufacturing CI Quarter 3 2016
Risk Insights Drafting Terms and Conditions
Business Management – Anti-fraud & Bribery Policies
Paternity Leave & Pay

EL – Types of Employment Status
Shared Parental Leave & Statutory Shared Parental Pay

Commercial Insurance Pro-File July 2016
HSE Safety Cornerstones July 2016
Live Well Newsletter July 2016
Manufacturing – 3D Printing & Your Supply Chain
Safety Focused Newsletter July 2016
The Insurance Act 2015 – An Overview for Businesses
News Brief – UK Elects to Leave EU in Historic Vote
Commercial Insurance Pro-File June 2016
HR Brief Quarter 2 2016
HSE Safety Cornerstones June 2016~
News Brief – An EU Referendum Update for Businesses
Professional Indemnity Run-off
Safety Focused Newsletter June 2016
Mandatory Gender Pay Reporting
Business Interruption Insurance
Business Travel Insurance
Cover Overview Group Personal Accident Insurance
Directors and Officers Liability Insurance
Employment Practices Liability Be Prepared
Manufacturing Safety – Avoid Accidents on the Plant Floor
Manufacturing Safety – Walking and Working Surfaces
Professional Indemnity Insurance
Property Management – Protect Tenant Information from Identity Theft
Protect Yourself with Crime Cover
Terrorism Insurance
The Management File – Recordkeeping & the Board of Directors
The Management File – Trade Association Risks
Unoccupied Property Insurance
Warehousing and Distribution Insurance
Enterprise Act Receives Royal Assent
HSE Safety Cornerstones May 2016

Commercial Insurance Pro-File May 2016
EL – Employer Checks and References for Job Applicants
Manufacturing CI Quarter 2 2016
Safety Focused Newsletter May 2016
HSE Safety Cornerstones April 2016
Safety Focused Newsletter April 2016
Commercial Insurance Pro-File April 2016
2016 Budget Key Numbers and Highlights
HR Brief Quarter 1 2016

IT Needs
Challenges Facing the UK Property Market
Choosing Your Legal Structure – Business Partnerships
Choosing Your Legal Structure – Limited Companies
Commercial Insurance Pro-File March 2016
Common Pitfalls of D&O Insurance
Cost Drivers of Directors and Officers Insurance
HSE Safety Cornerstones March 2016
Safety Focused Newsletter March 2016
EL – Statutory Sick Pay
Unique Risks of Family-owned Businesses

An Update on 2015-16 Winter Flooding
Commercial Insurance Pro-File Feb 2016
HSE Safety Cornerstones February 2016
Manufacturing CI Quarter 1 2016
Safety Focused Newsletter February 2016
Workplace Pension and Automatic Enrolment Guide
EL – Employment Contracts

Commercial Insurance Pro-File Jan 2016
HSE Safety Cornerstones January 2016
MIBs Continuous Insurance Enforcement Scheme
The New National Living Wage
The Management File – Best Practices for an Employee Evaluation Programme
2014-15 HSE Health and Safety Statistics

Commercial Insurance Pro-File Dec 2015
HSE Safety Cornerstones December 2015
News Brief – 2015 Autumn Statement Highlights
The Management File – Preventing Claims While Disciplining and Terminating Employees
Cover Overview Key Person Insurance
Property Management Risk Insights Winter Weather Liabilities
Extreme Driving Conditions – Rain, Fog and Winter Weather
Commercial Insurance Pro-File Nov 2015
HSE Safety Cornerstones November 2015
Manufacturing CI Quarter 4 2015
Protecting Your Holiday Home in Winter
Storing Your Antique or Classic Car in Winter
Vnuk Case Prompts Amendment of Road Traffic Act
Corporate Manslaughter Fines May Increase
EL – Criminal Record Checks

Commercial Insurance Pro-File Oct 2015
HSE Safety Cornerstones October 2015
Landlords – Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Alarm Regs 2015
London – Low Emission Zone for Non-road Mobile Machinery
News Brief – Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards Are Coming
Safety Focused October 2015
Commercial Insurance Pro-File Sep 2015
HSE Safety Cornerstones September 2015
Safety Focused Newsletter September 2015
Safety Focused Newsletter August 2015
Commercial Insurance Pro-File Aug 2015
HSE Safety Cornerstones August 2015
Manufacturing CI Quarter 3 2015
News Brief – Summer Budget 2015 Key Numbers and Highlights
News Brief – The Insurance Premium Tax Hike
What to Do in the Event of a Claim Guide
EL – Maternity Leave
Is Teleworking Right for Your Employees
SME Startup – Selecting Your Business Premises
SME Startup – Forecasting Cash Flow Problems
Risk Insights Driving Personal Vehicles on Occasional Business Use
H&S Recap Pressure Equipment

Commercial Insurance Pro-File July 2015
HSE Safety Cornerstones July 2015
News Brief – Upcoming Changes to the Road Traffic Act
Safety Focused Newsletter July 2015
Property Management Risk Insights Letting to Students
The Management File – Managing Your Reputation Risk
Commercial Property – Sprinkler Maintenance Checklist
Cover Overview Public & Products Liability Insurance
EL – Paternity Leave and Pay
News Brief – Free Govt Grants to Boost Your Broadband
Manufacturing Risk Insights Combating Industrial Deafness Claims
Commercial Insurance Pro-File June 2015
HR Brief Quarter 2 2015
HSE Safety Cornerstones June 2015
Commercial Insurance Pro-File May 2015
HSE Safety Cornerstones May 2015
Manufacturing CI Quarter 2 2015-3
News Brief – DVLA Phases Out Paper Licences, Updated
Property Risk Insights Reduce Your Risk of Arson
EL – Annual Leave Entitlement

HSE Safety Cornerstones April 2015
Safety Focused April 2015
Commercial Insurance Pro-File April 2015
2015 Budget Key Numbers and Highlights 2
National Minimum Wage Raised to 6.70 an Hour
Operating in the United States – 10 Best States for UK Firms
FAQ Employment Law – Workplace Pensions and Automatic Enrolment
Verify Motor Cover with the askMID Roadside Service
Managing Risks for Directors and Officers
Keys to a Secure Remote Work Programme
Property Risk Insights Manage Your Flood Risk

Cover Overview Commercial Property Insurance

Commercial Insurance Pro-File March 2015
HSE Safety Cornerstones March 2015
Manufacturing Risk Insights Preparing for a Product Recall
Manufacturing Safety – Isolation Lock-off Overview
Safety Focused Newsletter March 2015
Property Management Risk Insights Protecting Unoccupied Property
News Brief – New Drug Driving Laws 2

Commercial Insurance Pro-File Feb 2015
Common Employment Law Claims
HSE Safety Cornerstones February 2015
Manufacturing CI Quarter 1 2015 2
News Brief – The Insurance Bill–What Businesses Need to Know
The Benefits of Claims Defensibility
The Dangers of Being Underinsured
Top 10 Threats to Small Businesses
Understanding Your Home Insurance Policy
General Industry Playing it Safe Eliminate Back Pain
Manufacturing Risk Insights Nanotechnology
Commercial Insurance Pro-File Jan 2015
Employment Law – Transfer of Undertakings
HSE Safety Cornerstones January 2015
News Brief – How the New Recycling Regulations Affect Businesses
Property Management Risks – Collecting Cash Payments Safely
SME Startup – Funding Your Business
SME Startup – Growing Your Business
Winter Driving Tips for Lorry Drivers
News Brief – 2014 Autumn Statement Highlights
Property Management Risk Insights Maintaining and Using Chimneys Safely

Fire Extinguisher Safety

FAQ Employment Law – Shared Parental Leave

Commercial Insurance Pro-File Dec 2014
HSE Safety Cornerstones December 2014
Immigration Act 2014 – Tenant Checks
Safety Focused Newsletter December 2014
The Management File – Data Breaches, A Growing D&O Concern
Transport and Warehousing Safety Matters – Safe Braking Distances for HGVs
2013-14 HSE Health and Safety Statistics

News Brief – Holiday Pay Ruling – What Does It Mean

News Brief – Scotland May Lower Drink-drive Limit
Manufacturing Safety – Repetitive Motion Injuries
Commercial Insurance Pro-File November 2014
HSE Safety Cornerstones November 2014
Manufacturing CI Quarter 4 2014
Risk Insights Motor Fleet Risk Management
Safety Focused Newsletter November 2014
Shared Parental Leave Regulations
Risk Insights Supply Chain Risk Management
Risk Insights Stamping out Warehouse Fire Risks
Safety Focused – October 2014
Motor Trade CI Quarter 4
Manufacturing Risk Insights The Impact of 3D Printing
Commercial Insurance Pro-File Oct 2014
HSE Safety Cornerstones October 2014
News Brief – DVLA Ditches Paper Tax Discs
2012-13 HSE Health and Safety Statistics
H&S Recap Gas Safety
H&S Recap Workplace Transport
Manufacturing Safety Matters – Dangers of Silica Exposure
Small Business Startup – Choosing Your Legal Structure Sole Traders
Small Business Startup – Creating A Business Plan
HSE Safety Cornerstones September 2014
Property Management Safety Matters – Avoid Accidents Focus on Safety
Commercial Insurance Pro-File Sept 2014
Property Management Risk Insights Be Prepared for Unexpected Threats
H&S Recap Plant and Equipment Maintenance
What You Should Know About Hexavalent Chromium
Transport & Warehouse Safety Through Housekeeping
Social Media – Take Advantage of Google My Business
Small Business Startup – Starting Your Own Business
Cover Overview Warehousing and Distribution Insurance
Employers Liability – National Minimum Wage
Safety Focused Newsletter September 2014
Small Business Startup – Considering Insurance Needs
Property Maintenance Playing it Safe Painless Painting Safety
Commercial Insurance Pro-File August 2014
H&S Recap – Slips and Trips
HSE Safety Cornerstones August 2014
Manufacturing CI Quarter 3 2014
Office Risk Insights Professional Indemnity Cover
Risk Insights Handling a Public Relations Crisis
Safety Focused Newsletter August 2014
Transport & Warehousing – Overview of Warehousing Hazards
Manufacturing Safety Matters – Ergonomics Precautions for Sheet Metal Workers
Risk Insights Preventing the Theft of Scrap Metal
Property Management Safety Matters – The Dangers of Asbestos Inhalation
Be Prepared – Extreme Heat
Risk Insights Fracking Impact on Nearby Businesses
General Industry Safety Matters – Avoiding Crush Injuries
Manufacturing CI Quarter 2 2014
Property Risk Insights Keep Squatters Off Your Property
Social Media – Crisis Response Plan Basics
Commercial Insurance Pro-File July 2014
HSE Safety Cornerstones July 2014
Safety Focused Newsletter July 2014
Social Media – Measuring ROI
Risk Management Snapshot
The Flexible Working Regulations 2014
Corporate Manslaughter Act 2007
Social Media – Social Media Security
Machine Safeguarding Basics
H&S Recap Using Machinery Safely
HSE Safety Cornerstones June 2014
Property Management Playing it Safe With Safety in Mind
Safety Focused Newsletter June 2014
CE Marking for Fabricated Structural Steelwork
Commercial Insurance Pro-File June 2014
Risk Insights Managing B2B Social Media Risks
Safety Focused Newsletter May 2014
Property Management Risk Insights Gas Safety at Your Residential Property
Property Maintenance Playing it Safe Manage Toxic Gas Risks
HSE Safety Cornerstones May 2014
Commercial Insurance Pro-File May 2014
Safety Focused Newsletter April 2014
Property Management Risk Insights Avoid Legal Actions with Good Tenant Relationships
HSE Safety Cornerstones April 2014
Commercial Insurance Pro-File April 2014
HSE Safety Cornerstones – March 2014
Commercial Insurance Pro-File – March 2014
HSE Safety Cornerstones – March 2014
Commercial Insurance Pro-File – March 2014
HSE Safety Cornerstones February 2014
Commercial Insurance Pro-File Feb 2014
Commercial Insurance Profiles – Jan 2014
HSE Safety Cornerstones – Jan 2014

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