Across the globe, the use of digital technology (digi tech) in business plays a fundamental role.  Network-based computers and telecommunication devices used in offices and out on the road as well as manufacturing and industry IT-connected equipment using automated machinery and Internet of Things (IOT) Technology has transformed and streamlined business operations.  Computerised tills, online payment facilities and e-commerce gateways working with offline physical collection points have also revolutionized the way in which businesses are able to connect to their customers.

Many industries rely on IT-centered systems which are primarily software-based and accessed via an internet connection. Operations are complex and involve many levels of security which may be accessed by numerous members of staff with varying job roles and responsibilities.  IT connected electronic and portable smart devices provide reliability and can reduce labor costs, whilst enhancing efficiency and maximizing profits.  Their use means that we gain valuable data analysis on productivity which can be re-evaluated back through business cycle.

In today’s climate it is essential that businesses large or small, reinvest in technology and look at new ways to enhance processes so that they continue to stay competitive; however, utliising IT digital technology within any business can also raise new challenges, especially when it comes to compliance with new regulatory standards such as the GDPR and fighting cyber crime.

Here at Crendon Insurance, we cover many different aspects of technology exposures to create individually tailored and bespoke insurance packages for all types of Technology and Software providers.  We are specialists in providing insurance advice for many different types of software developers, hardware engineers, data processors and Internet of Things (IOT) smart device technology creators.

Our core Digi Tech insurance cover includes protection against:

  • Breach of Contract
  • Third Party Bodily Injury & Property Damage claims arising from the use of technology services
  • Intellectual Property Rights infringement
  • Cyber & Privacy exposures including first notification under GDPR and incident response

IT Digital Technology Insurance Cover can extend to include:

  • Directors &Commercial Business Management Insurance
  • Startup Business Insurance
  • Legal Expenses Insurance
  • Worldwide Business Travel Insurance
  • Motor Fleet Insurance
  • Keyman Insurance
  • Professional Indemnity & Design Liability Insurance

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